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Google Search Console is a very popular, collection of free SEO tools and resources by Google which helps us to monitor website performance and presence in Google search results or Google search index, and also helps us find out information like how many people are visiting the website, whether people are visiting website on a mobile or desktop computer, which are pages of the site are more popular, also find and fix errors, create and check robots.txt file and also helps to submit a sitemap.

Google Search Console was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools.

Monitor your site's performance in Google Search results:

• Make sure that Google accesses your content.

• Submit new content for crawling and remove content you don't want shown in search results.

• Create and monitor content that delivers visually engaging search results.

• Monitor and resolve malware or spam issues so your site stays clean.

• Discover how Google Search—and the world—sees your site.

• Maintain your site with minimal disruption to search performance.

• Which Search queries caused your site to appear in search results?

• Did some queries result in more traffic to your site than others?

• Which sites are linked to your website?

• Is your mobile site performing well for mobile visitors?

• Are your product prices, company contact info, or events highlighted in search results?

Anyone with a website! From generalist to specialist, from newbie to advanced, Search Console can help everyone.

Business owners or Entrepreneurs.

If you have a basic know-how or are atleast aware about Search Console you're good to go. You can hire a webmaster or marketer and setup your website with Google Search Console. It'll help you make a lot of business decisions based on your site's performance in search results, visitors, popular pages on your website, how many people are visiting your site on desktop or mobile and also helps you in finding and fixing errors, create a sitemap and check robots.txt files.

SEO specialist or Marketer

Google Search Console helps SEO specialist to monitor website traffic, optimize ranking and make more informed decisions about the appearance of website's search results. The information in Search Console can be used to influence technical decisions for the website and do marketing analysis with help of other Google tools like AdWords, Analytics, Google Trends etc.

Site Administrator

As a site admin, Search Console lets you easily monitor and in some cases resolve server errors, site load issues, and security issues like hacking and malware. You can also use it to ensure any site maintenance or adjustments with respect to search performance.

Web Developer

If you are creating the actual markup and/or code for your site, Search Console helps you in monitoring and resolving common issues with markup, such as errors in structured data etc.

App Developer

If you own an app, you want to see how mobile users or searchers are discovering your app using Google Search in the search analytics report and also to see how Google sees your app content through Google for Apps. Search Console can help you to integrate your app seamlessly with the website world.